Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Shower Time!!!

Our family is still growing!!!  This Saturday is the baby shower for my soon to be great niece!! I am so excited. I have been working on a few gifts for my niece-in-law (is that a word lol) 

This did not photograph well at all. It is a picture frame with the baby's name (Amya) in buttons. It looks much better in person, when you can actually tell what the letters are.

This is an altered paint can. On top is a poem I copied from the internet that says 

As Amya grows, she’ll learn to speak
And have so much to say.
She’ll crack you up and make you smile
Each and every day.
All the things she’ll do and say,
You think you will recall.
But as she ages, so will you,
And you can’t recall it all!
So Hear it, Write it, Drop it in~
That’s all you’ll have to do, 
To help remember the things she did, 
And what was said by who!

Sorry I don't know who to give credit to for the poem.

Have a great day ~ Shelley

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