Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My baby turns 21!

My "baby" boy Larz is turning 21 today!
I can't believe how time flies!!

Every year I write him a poem to embarrass him, lol. I use to publish it in the newspaper but now I post it on his Facebook. More of his friends see it there!!

My sweet little boy, where did he go??
Oh how I wish it wasn’t so!
21 years old - the legal age to drink.
Being my angel boy, of course you won’t - Ithink??
Oh how I miss days gone by,
And it makes me sigh...
Watching Barney & Goose Bumps over & over!
Being the neighborhood chauffeur.
Hours of shopping for shoes,
Oh now, I’m getting the blues!
And let’s not forget the trips to the hospital,
For everything from road burn and ankle sprains,
Oh my, you entertained!
And the time you had to have your piercing surgical removed!
How about dressing in drag,
I try not be one of those mother’s that brag!
Oh but, how you were abused.
Punched in the mouth & forehead,
I’m sure there were times you bled!
Let’s go back in time,
Like to when you were five!
Never was there a day that I didn’t cherish our time together,
My little Larzy you will be forever!

Happy Birthday Larzy!

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